The Last Romantic Era - Abducted x Mickey Mars Shoot

The Last Romantic Era - Abducted x Mickey Mars Shoot



After completing the samples for the collection, I met up with LA based photographer Mickey Mars to shoot a couple of the pieces in Malibu. Traffic was bad. By the time we both got there, a blue summer day had turned into a foggy set of a Halloween movie. The mist was so thick that we could barely see in front of us. It was honestly perfect because it fit the theme of this collection - pure existentialist weather. 

The statement of this collection is as follows:

We are living in the last romantic era before humans move into space. Virtual Reality will be the new reality and we will each be living in our own fabricated worlds, in isolation. Technology will become so advanced that old forms of communication between living beings will become obsolete and eventually communication itself will become extinct altogether. Old cellphones and toys will become valued relics of a lost civilization and the logos of our past will be engrained in our minds like fossils of memory.

The pieces shown in the photos are the Deep Nostalgia Satin Kimono, the Velvet Romance Wrap Dress & the Pink Player Velvet Mini Dress and are all available for preorder.

All photographs shown were taken by Mickey Mars and turned into existential collages by me. 

I hope you enjoy them!


Katerina Skassi
Abducted Clothing
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