Smoking Sun Capsule

This collection features a very limited run of t-shirts and crop tops hand-dyed and hand-printed by the creator of Abducted clothing herself as well as a new release of the Trolls Tennis Skirt in a new color-way (which is available for pre-order).

The tops were experimentally dyed so no two pieces are the same. The print features the Smoking Sun design straight from one of my sketchbooks. I drew this design a few years back while I was sitting at the gate waiting for my flight. I don't remember where I was heading at the time, but I remember that I wished I were somewhere sunny smoking a nice joint, and that's why I drew the smoking sun.

While I was in quarantine, I was messing around with some fabric dyes. I knew right away upon seeing the random color combinations that were born that they needed the smoking sun. 

A few of the shirts are misprints - but I love misprints. So I decided to make them available for sale at a discounted price. I hope you like them!

Katerina Skassi, Mykonos, 2020


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