ABDUCTED Pink Player Giant Heart-Shaped Beach Bag *PREORDER*

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We are living in the last romantic era before humans move into space. Virtual Reality will be the new reality and we will each be living in our own fabricated worlds, in isolation. Technology will become so advanced that old forms of communication between living beings will become obsolete and eventually communication itself will become extinct altogether. Old cellphones and toys will become valued relics of a lost civilization and the logos of our past will be engrained in our minds like fossils of memory.
Designed by Katerina Skassi in Los Angeles.



The Pink Player Giant Heart-Shaped Beach Bag features the Last Romantic Era print in bright pink and deep strawberry red. The cheerful radiance of the colours together is reminiscent of a childhood toy or dessert. This giant beach bag is large enough to fit anything and everything you'd need to take with you for a weekend trip or a day at the beach. Bonus: it works great as a pillow for laying on the beach!



Quick Details:  

  • Made from canvas material
  • Design is printed onto fabric using an eco-friendly advance sublimation print process
  • Machine Washable



Thank you for preordering! All preorders take about 4-6 weeks to arrive. You will be kept up-to-date on all details regarding the status of your order through email. Preorders are always greatly appreciated because it is the most ecologically responsible way for us to create our pieces. Each item is made to order to help reduce any unnecessary waste. Preorders also help fund the next collection! :)